Thursday, September 9, 2010

When Mike's Away

Mike's been out of town since yesterday. I like him being out of town because I get time alone (which I can never seem to get enough of) and I typically get more work done than when he's here. The problem? When he's gone my insomnia goes crazy. I can't sleep, often I can't even get tired. I hate going to bed because it doesn't feel right. Often to get sleep I have to pile and extra heavy blanket on because that's the only thing that feels close to "right".

As for the cat, well, he's his usual self whenever Mike's gone. It gets worse overnight, though. When I do decide to get some sleep Stormy decides that it's not right that I'm in the bedroom alone and he has to make his opinion known. Vocally. Loudly. Repeatedly. It gets annoying and I have to throw him out of the room every single time.

So what do I end up doing while home alone? Usually nothing. I set out with big ideas about what I'd life to do but little of it actually gets done. So far, I've written an article for a Pagan e-zine, edited a chapter of my novel, been to the store, visited the library, fixed the digital camera, and worked on my grand-nephew's baby blanket. I haven't gotten anything that needed to be done started yet. I need to be working on items to sell in my store but haven't done anything more than find new patterns I'd like to knit or crochet.

Hopefully today will see me getting more stuff done before he gets home tonight.

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